Social Justice

A large part of the An Tobar Nua ethos is social justice and giving back to our community.

An Tobar Nua Café highlights specific products or a dedicated portion of daily sales for charitable purposes. Our Bookshop carries items produced by rescued victims of human trafficking as well as products from micro businesses in impoverished countries.


Good News India

Good News India provides housing, education, and safety to orphans and impoverished children in India. Our support helped supply clothing, school supplies and beds to be used in orphanages across India.


Water Is Basic

An Tobar Nua joined the cause of providing clean water to communities in the Republic of South Sudan. Through Water is Basic, a borehole drilling organisation, a new well was drilled to provide this basic necessity.


Carmelite Mission in Ukraine

The Carmelite Mission in Ukraine has been distributing humanitarian aid, support, and evacuation assistance to the people of Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion.

Threads of Hope

Threads of Hope

Threads of Hope empowered local artisans in Peru to provide income to their impoverished communities and better access to education, health, food and housing. Since 2020, the Peruvians have been self-sufficient and now operate independently and export their own textiles through Bought Beautifully.