An Tobar Nua Retreats

Our aim is to interact with students on topics that are highly relevant and responsive to challenges and pressures that youth are dealing with daily.


An Tobar Nua Retreat teams deliver full day retreats at your school or in our centre. Our focus is on developing the student's overall well-being and encouraging faith in an interactive, relatable, fun and contemporary manner. We aim to inspire young people to discover meaning, value and purpose in their lives.

Our retreats are extremely sensitive to religious and faith diversity. Teens are given the opportunity to express their views and thoughts in an inclusive, welcoming environment.

Our retreats also contribute to the mandatory wellbeing hours for the Junior Cycle Wellbeing Curriculum. Because we design a new retreat programme for each academic year, all of our retreats have an Appendix i. That means that we can contribute up to 18 wellbeing hours over three years.

To learn more about our retreats, get in touch with our retreat team or schedule a retreat for your students, visit our An Tobar Nua Retreats website.