An Tobar Nua- Our Story

Our story begins in 1998, when a dilapidated building in the Westend of Galway emerged as a beautiful café and bookshop called An Tobar Nua. Today, our historic building provides delightful ambience with historic original stonework, beautiful seating overlooking the canal, quiet privacy in the atrium area (where calming music and peaceful tranquility abound), a full service bookshop, Scripture School and Counselling centre. An Tobar Nua is a safe place offering great food and superb customer service to our guests. Our international staff and management team make An Tobar Nua an interesting place of diversity.

Here at An Tobar Nua, we are committed to encouraging people of all denominations in an ongoing, trusting relationship with Jesus Christ in their own faith communities. The staff consists of Catholic and non-Catholic Christians working together to make Galway a great place and a more positive living environment.

Social justice is a priority of what we do at An Tobar Nua. All coffee served in our café is provided by Illy Coffee, one of the best coffees in the world. Illy is dedicated to providing opportunities for producers in developing countries to improve living and working conditions and is listed among the most ethical companies in the world. In addition, each year An Tobar Nua selects a social justice project in which we donate a portion of our sales to a selected registered charity organisation.

At An Tobar Nua, religion is not forced down your throat nor do we ‘preach’ at you, but questions and curiosity are always welcome. You can expect a relaxed, loving and accepting environment; with staff who greet you at the door and are truly happy to serve you. Good conversation is never far away and every guest we serve is treated with dignity and respect!

An Tobar Nua is operated by Foundation in Christ Ministries CLG., an Irish Revenue Commission approved charity (RCN 20034337). It is made up of both Catholic and non-Catholic Christians who are interested in making young people aware of the value of a faith-based life.