social justice

Project: India

As part of our commitment to social justice, we select a social justice project to which we donate a portion of our sales to a registered charitable organisation. Currently, An Tobar Nua and the Bothar Emmaus Bookshop, in cooperation with Foundation in Christ Ministries, are coming together to provide orphans in India with some of life’s basic needs. From beds to school supplies and school uniforms, all proceeds from hot chocolate sales in the An Tobar Nua Cafe go to Good News India to help meet the basic needs of orphanages across India. As of 1st Sept, together we have raised €5607.50 for the cause.

Water is Basic

The need for water is basic. It gives us life. It allows us to thrive and experience all the joys of life. It is a basic building block for our daily life. Water is basic. Millions of people around the world don’t have access to  clean water. An Tobar Nua recognised this need and so we made a change. For the 2014 season, An Tobar Nua joined the cause of providing clean water to communities in the Republic of South Sudan. Through a borehole drilling organisation, Water is Basic, the proceeds from every hot chocolate purchased through the An Tobar Nua cafe went to a well being drilled to provide a basic necessity to a community in the South Sudan.

Name of Well Community: Mundu Mitika ,Kupera Payam, Lainya County Central Equatoria State (N: 04° 02. 772′ E: 030° 59. 631’)

This New Well was completed 31.03.2015 and here is their story:

A number of households have for years suffered lack of nearby access to clean drinking water. The community then in the recent months decided to sit down and lobby for a borehole to be drilled in their area; this they got it through EPC – Water is Basic Drilling Sector.

They said that they have been impressed by the positive response from the EPC – WIB by drilling to them the borehole which is soon to be finalized.
They stressed that they are so much glad and thankful to God and the partners that the EPC – WIB is working together for the efforts that they are making in rendering this unique water services (Wells & Boreholes drilling) in the nation and especially in the rural areas like theirs.

However, they added that their area is a wide one and really lacks not only clean drinking water but even access to nearby river or stream that could provide easy alternative to water. People in their wide village could move for distances where there are some traditionally hand-dug wells, but these wells are not only dirty or unclean health-wise, but they also do not possess enough water especially in the dry seasons.